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The «HELLENIC COMPANY FOR ROLLING STOCK MAINTENANCE S.A» was founded in March 2013 and is active in the field of maintenance and smooth functioning of rolling stock with a view to achieving a safe and reliable operation of rail system. Initially being a part of the Hellenic Railways Organization (OSE), the company was spun-off from OSE and is now operating as an independent entity under a separate management and organization, according to Greek and community legislation.

The company is administered by a seven-member board.


Following the relevant technological and operational advances

Rolling Stock Maintenance Processes

Rolling stock is a complex system whose proper functioning plays a key role in the overall operation of the railway system.

Areas of modern technology such as those of mechanical engineering, electrical and electronics systems, coachwork, diesel engines, air conditioning and heating systems, pneumatic and hydraulic systems, fire protection and fighting installations etc. make up a complex object that applies to Rolling Stock. A similar extent technology can only be found in other public transport means such as airplane and ship.

One of the components for safe and reliable operation of railways system is certainly the rolling stock maintenance which, by its nature, is internationally the most costly part of railways operation. But it is also the most vulnerable one given that if maintenance is not diligently carried out this may have consequences starting from reliability reduction to devastating disasters e.g. extensive material damage and loss of life.

The rolling stock maintenance importance has been recognized by the competent bodies of the European Union, which under the 881/2004 regulation mandated the European Railway Agency [ERA] to lay down an institutional framework for certification of the Entities in charge of Maintenance (Maintenance Workshops) in compliance with the directives relating to the interoperability and railway safety [96/48/EC, 2001/16/EC, 2004/50/EC, 2004/49/EC]. The (EESSTY) rolling stock maintenance department has already been certified by the Railway Safety Authority as the responsible freight wagon maintenance body.

The maintenance staff is highly trained and the process for recognition of its professional competences and certification under the requirements of EU legislation is ongoing.

The railway rolling stock is subject to progressive deterioration (wear, corrosion, faults, etc.) and therefore it should be maintained to ensure reliability, availability and traffic safety.

The executive and implementation departments for rolling stock maintenance of our company have been organized and are operating (following the relevant technological and operational advances) in accordance with the standards adopted as from mid 70s, in the framework of cooperation of the Organization (OSE) with the French Railways consulting firm SOFRERAIL [Société d’Etudes et de Réalisations Ferroviaires], the latter still existing under the name SYSTRA []. The organizational structure of the rolling stock maintenance services, the inspection procedures, the staff duties etc. are included in a series of evolving technical notes taking account of the modern requirements of rolling stock maintenance process.

According to SOFRERAIL standards and the current practice in advanced networks, the rolling stock maintenance is divided into the following categories:


Preventive maintenance – Periodic repairs

It refers to the periodic inspections that take place at specific time intervals or mileages or components’ operating hours [e.g. diesel engine, compressor, etc.]. They concern both whole railcars and individual components-mechanisms. These inspections are performed both in depots [low level] and in factories [high level].


Current maintenance

It refers to minor operations which allow for the rolling stock [driving or trailer] to move without problems until the next inspection. The routine maintenance operations take place in the depots.


Extraordinary repairs

They are major repairs of railcars or specific mechanisms having suffered wear/damage due to accidents, technical failures or other random events. The extraordinary repair work takes place in factories.

The «HELLENIC COMPANY FOR ROLLING STOCK MAINTENANCE S.A» was founded in March 2013 and is active in the field of maintenance and smooth functioning of rolling stock with a view to achieving a safe and reliable operation of rail system.


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